High School: Oswego High School, Oswego, NY
College 1990-1994: SUNY Oswego, Studies / Majors: Bach. Fine Arts (Mixed Media), English (Writing Arts) w/ special studies in Psychology.
College 1996-1998: Foothill College, Studies / Major: Psychology & Website processing and design (focus on advertising and media relations)
Home Study 1993-1998: Academy of Art

Despite loving art and refining style for most of my life, the majority of my adult life was spent in the computer industry and a website designer, network setup and security, IT, and later in 3d model creation and distribution. Art has always been part of my life though. For a short bit, I worked as a tattoo artist, then as a cumstomizer using the airbrush for several different types of vehicles or related objects. After some life changes, I have returned to my primary focus in print media and portrait art.
Rustdawg (Frederick W. Malone)
Age: 44 (2017)